About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to supply our customers with the best products at the lowest possible prices. We aim to provide you with an amazing online experience, with easy navigation of the site, free shipping and excellent customer service with none of the hassle of physical stores and all the benefits of one.

We work with 15 national and international vendors from all over the world to supply the biggest name brands, on demand. The pictures of all our products can be zoomed in so that our customers can read the details clearly on all the products before deciding to order.

All the items are shipped from our warehouse and are sourced from licensed manufacturers and/or representatives. Our Logistics and Support team are constantly on call to deliver the goods at the earliest and answer any queries.

We hope that you enjoy your online shopping experience with diapersbd.com Happy Shopping!



1. Amullya Chandra Adhikari Chairman & Head Of Operation      
2. Ashok Kumar Adhikari Founder & CEO
3. Polas Saha Adviser
4. Priya Karmokar Adviser
5. Sumitra Adhikari Co - Founder & Adviser
6. Kamrun Nahar Bithy Accounts & Customer Care Officer
7. Poly Stock Management Officer
8. Rakib Distribution Officer


Delivery Executive
10. Apu Delivery Executive
11. Milton Delivery Executive
12. Milon Delivery Executive
13. Saiful Delivery Executive
14. Anaynna Mahjebin Vice President
15. Shulokhana J. Khan Vice President